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Shearwater Perdix

Shearwater Perdix


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Part Number:13007 Manufacturer: Shearwater Research Color: Black, Aqua

Proudly introduced by Shearwater Research, the Perdix AI offers all of the same great features of the Perdix. The Perdix uses its large, easy-to-read screen to clearly display the tank pressure as well as your gas time remaining (GTR). 

ScubaLab has named the Shearwater Perdix as Tester's Choice stating: "The Perdix isn’t easy to pigeonhole into a category. It has hairy-chested tec capabilities: open- and closed-circuit modes with five gases in each; programmable for any blend trimix; rated to 850 feet. Yet it’s also a surprisingly friendly rec computer. Its display is one of the easiest to read that we’ve ever used, even in full sun. It helps that the screen is about half the size of a smartphone, but what makes it so readable is the way the crisp, bright characters jump out on the black background. The mix of colors also makes info pop. The bottom of the dive screen toggles through a long selection of info, including a three-color tissue-load-ing graph and an excellent digital compass. The safety-stop display is perfect, and the two-button navigation, aided by clear screen prompts, makes setup incredibly easy for a computer with so many possibilities. This is a computer for anywhere you dive, even if it’s just 40 feet down on a sunny reef. The Perdix is our Testers Choice in this category".

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