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When you journey into the underwater world, you enter a realm in which you cannot survive without life support equipment. This is no different than an astronaut floating in outer space or a sky diver exiting a plane for an exhilarating drift back to earth. When taking part in any of these activities, you want life support equipment that will make the experience fun and memorable. Here at The Dive Shop, we stock several lines of scuba gear that will make your journey into the beautiful underwater world safe, fun, and memorable. We will walk you through all the features of the equipment so you understand what you are purchasing and to make sure you are comfortable with your purchases. The high quality gear we carry has some of the best performance and warranty standards in the scuba industry. We stand behind everything we sell. We also have certified technicians that can properly service your gear so you can enjoy a lifetime of worry-free scuba diving.

We carry Sherwood scuba gear, which has been around since the 1920’s. They started designing and manufacturing compressed gas and air management equipment for use in industrial devices and the medical field. In 1972, Sherwood introduced the SRB-2000, the first complete regulator to be sold under its own brand name. Sherwood has been around for a long time producing high-quality products. They can be found in all parts of the world. It is a safe bet that should you have a problem with your equipment while on that vacation of a lifetime, you will be able to get the problem fixed and back in the water without missing a dive.

We also carry Atomic scuba gear. Their motto is: “Before Atomic Aquatics, there was no ‘Best’ in scuba diving.” Atomic Aquatics got its start long before the company was actually founded. Atomic Aquatics founders Dean Garraffa and Doug Toth had already forged a reputation as discerning, demanding designers of innovative diving equipment since 1976. After generating numerous groundbreaking patents for a major manufacturer, they established Atomic Aquatics in 1995 and embarked on a mission to create diving equipment of the highest caliber. Atomic Aquatics manufactures all its life support equipment here in the United States at its own facility called Atomica R & D. Atomica R & D is widely regarded as one of the most innovative and experienced facilities in the USA for machining exotic materials, such as Titanium, Monel, and Stainless Steel. Others may save a few dollars by outsourcing, but Atomica R & D allows them to insure quality, maintain control, and keep their resources close to home . . . under their watchful eyes. Atomic Aquatics uses only metals in its life support equipment that will not corrode even in the harshest conditions. Atomic will never sacrifice cost cutting measures for price! Atomic uses only cutting-edge technology and materials to make the diving experience be the best it can be! Therefore, you, the diving consumer, can rest assured that, regardless of your budget, there is an Atomic product that will suit your needs.

We also carry Dive Rite, which was established in 1984 by Lamar Hires and Mark Leonard, two underwater cave explorers and cave diving instructors from North Florida. In the 1970’s and early 80’s, technical diving gear was virtually non-existent. Most cave divers made their own gear or adapted ocean diving gear to fit the cave environment. Lamar and Mark changed that and began the first technical dive gear company in existence. Dive Rite’s pioneering spirit continues with the innovation and quality that goes into each and every product. Dive Rite has a proud history of supporting dive exploration, conservation, and education, putting Dive Rite in the unique position as a leader in the worldwide technical diving marketplace.

We carry Bare as our primary line of wetsuits and dry suits. At Bare, they strive to design and manufacture products that are superb and exceed your expectations, and when you compare wetsuits, you will find that Bare wetsuits are available through the most comprehensive dive suit lines in the world. They have a wide variety of suits. Whether you are diving in cold polar regions or the warm waters of the tropics, they have a suit that meets your needs. That is what makes them the wetsuit of choice for beginner and expert scuba divers.

We carry Suunto Dive Computers.

We carry Shearwater Dive Computers.

Something that most divers don’t know when making their first scuba equipment purchase is that a dive shop can only service the lines they carry. It is also nice to be able to walk into your local dive shop and talk with a technician about your equipment. Whether it is how to take care of your equipment or to get it serviced in a timely manner, having somebody you know and trust goes a long way. You want to have trust in the person that will be working on your life support equipment. Also, you want to make sure that the shop you are buying your equipment from is an authorized retailer and an authorized repair center for the brand you are buying. There are many who say they are, but really are not. One way to find out is to call the manufacturer. Before making the mistake of buying on-line only to find out that the equipment you have just purchased is discontinued or is broken and you have nowhere to get it repaired, come by and see us here at The Dive Shop. We will be more than happy to talk to you about equipment purchases and to see how we can get you into equipment that is high quality and can be serviced locally--and that fits into your budget. We want everybody to go diving and to be able to dive safely. Part of that is having confidence in your scuba gear and having good quality gear.

Here at The Dive Shop, we offer financing, and with fair pricing, you will be diving in your gear before you know it! You will soon be able to come home and tell all your friends stories of your new underwater journeys!

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