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Welcome to the Dive Shop!

Our mission is to teach SCUBA diving. We are dedicated professionals who love to dive and want to introduce “land lovers” to the underwater world. We do this utilizing the NAUI certifying agency, whose motto is “Dive Safety Through Education,” along with the PADI certifying agency. Both certifying agencies qualify you to dive anywhere in the world. Your diving certification never expires.

Our store offers a wide variety of SCUBA products from the novice diver to the advanced technical diver. Some of our lines include Sherwood, Genesis, Akona, Atomic, Dive Rite, Paralenz, Pinnacle Lavacore, Bare, Sealife, Suunto Dive Computers, and Shearwater Dive Computers. We are certified to perform tank inspections and equipment repairs.

Dive travel with The Dive Shop offers divers and non-divers the opportunity to travel the world and explore a wide variety of destinations. Sharing your experiences and making new friends are a big part of the diving community. If you like traveling alone, or in your own group, we can help plan and book your dive travel.

We offer specialties such as nitrox, underwater photography, wreck, cavern, cave, mixed gas, spear fishing, and lobstering, as well as DAN courses in first aid, CPR, O2 provider, and AED instruction. Our instructors can take you from beginning scuba diver to advanced diver, rescue diver, master diver, technical diver, or to the professional rank of divemaster or instructor.

If you are looking for new friends or a new hobby, then join us as we explore the greatest adventure sport on earth!

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Mission Statement

We provide customers with an outstanding experience above and below the water. Our professional staff puts the customer first and foremost. We keep ourselves at the forefront of diver education, sell only equipment we trust with our lives, and always prioritize safety.