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AQUASEAL Neoprene Repair

AQUASEAL Neoprene Repair


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Part Number:1302C Manufacturer: A-PLUS MARINE Model: 1302C Color: Black

With Aquaseal®+FD™ Wader and Gear Repair Adhesive from Gear Aid®, you won't get stopped by a small rip or tear in your waterproof outdoor gear again. Specially formulated for flexibility, adhesion, and abrasion protection, this clear, waterproof, and flexible urethane-based adhesive helps you easily repair tears and rips in your favorite waders, rainwear, and other waterproof outdoor gear. Easy to use, this versatile formula works great on the neoprene, nylon, vinyl, and rubber material that make up most high quality waders, wetsuits, and rainwear. It also works well on rubber and vinyl boots, inflatable boat bottoms, and more, making it a great choice for any outdoorsman's gear bag. 3/4 oz. tube.

  • Flexible, clear, and waterproof repair adhesive for permanent gear fixes
  • Specially formulated for flexibility, adhesion and abrasion protection
  • Ideal for neoprene, nylon, vinyl, and rubber construction found in high quality waders
  • Also works on: rubber and vinyl rainwear, boots, inflatable boat bottoms, and more

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