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5.5 ft. Fiberglass Pole Spear

5.5 ft. Fiberglass Pole Spear


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Part Number:0202 Manufacturer: TRIDENT Color: Yellow, Black

New to spearing? Experienced but looking for a lighter, action packed option? Check out our economical option for your first go at spearfishing with a pole spear. This 5.5’ X 1/2” Pole Spear delivers a deadly blow to your reef catch. With a yellow shaft your spear will be highly visible, easy to spot, even at depth. Fiberglass pole spear construction is durable and flies true.

Overall, a great entry-level pole spear for getting your feet wet spearfishing or stalking lionfish on the reef.


  • 5.5 feet of length is a great compromise between maneuverability and reach
  • A sturdy yet flexible fiberglass spear is bright orange for high visibility
  • The durable 28” band ensures lots of power pushing your pole spear
  • 6mm threaded tip
  • 1/2” Diameter

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