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Scuba Diver (Open Water)

This is where it all starts. Our entry-level scuba certification course teaches you the fundamental knowledge and skills to safely scuba dive in open water to a depth of 60'.


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Here at The Dive Shop we offer different approaches to getting your scuba diver certification. We believe in having a confident and comfortable diver. With this in mind, we have an accelerated course for those where time is an issue. The accelerated course is a Thursday night and a Friday night class and a weekend in the pool. We are able to do this through our e-learning system. The classroom sessions are more of a review as you have already completed the book work at home at your pace. You then come to class where we review the material, making sure you understand everything, then take a test. We then have one day in the pool, allowing you plenty of time to become comfortable in your new underwater environment.

We also offer a slower pace course that is taught for four nights over two weeks. The professional instructors will be teaching you instead of reviewing the material. It is better if you have read the material prior to class, but not required as it is in the accelerated course. You then go to the pool to cover all the skills and there is plenty of time to play underwater.

Our certification dives consist of a minimum of four dives over one weekend. You would do three dives on Saturday and two dives on Sunday.

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