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Lobster Dives 2020 - Key Largo

Do you enjoy clear & warm water diving? Ever tasted fresh Spiny Lobster? Do you like the thrill of a hunt? Every thought taking part in a live shark feeding?


Look no further! Come join the crew on our Annual Lobster Trip to the Sunny Key Largo, Florida. We have a load of fun searching for the, highly sought after, Spiny Lobster while enjoying the company of awesome people. Not interested in lobstering? There are many things for you to see and do while on this trip! 


This year our divers will also enjoy a Creature Feature Dive hosted by Captain Slate and filmed by a well-known professional videographer (we are keeping the name a surprise). Check out the trip information below:


INCLUDED IN THE TRIP COSTS: Total Trip Cost Diving – 6 Total Dives $550.00 

**2 Nights Lodging @ Holiday Inn – Key Largo, Fl. 

**Breathing Gas (Tank Rentals of Nitrox or Air)

**Additional lodging is available upon selection under the options screen


**Note: Starred items must be added under the trip options screen prior to check-out. All items added together will total the trip costs


Dive Profiles:

Friday, August 7th - Afternoon 2 Tank Dives

Saturday, August 8th - Morning 2 Tank Dives

Sunday, August 9th - Morning 2 Tank Dives with Creature Feature


If you have any troubles or questions please contact The Dive Shop at 229-446-0708.

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Availability: Contact us for booking information

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