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  • Cozumel 2022

Cozumel 2022

A 5-star experience with one of the most famous coral reefs on Earth!

Do you enjoy the island life, If you tend to fall in love with your surroundings, just wait until you dive into the waters of Cozumel.


Into the blue! Into the deep! Into the wonder! However you like to term it, it all means the same… Cozumel diving! Scuba diving in Cozumel is world famous and for good reason. The multitude of sites that lay just off the coastline, the variety of dive types available, the year-round warm waters, the sea life and on and on and on. It is a true wonder of the Caribbean.


Come enjoy 5 Days Diving, 7 days lodging with Iberostar Resort. Don't forget to check out ALL of the options being offered during our DIVE STAY-CATION!

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Regardless of experience, you will find yourself “breath taken” by the beauty of this underwater paradise. The intense colors, the corals, the caves, the abundant sea creatures including whale sharks, sea turtles and hundreds of types of fish, and the simple fact that you can dive Cozumel approximately 300 days a year means that every time you sink into the warm, glittering blue, it will be a lasting memory.


With serval options, to choose from, you are sure to experience something different each dive. One of our favorite options are the Cenotes!


**Cenotes are inland sinkholes, fresh-water springs, linking to a vast network of underground galleries, passageways. The formations contain breathtaking formations known as stalagtites, stalamites. This is one dive you don’t want to miss!


It’s a family atmosphere in fully equipped bungalow-style suites, from which you can easily access the pools, spa, or a beautiful beach. At lunchtime, you’re served up your favorite meal at the international buffet or in one of the themed restaurants. Bring along your best “land lover” for a memorable experience to be talked about for many years. While us divers enjoy the underwater world, land lovers can bask on the beach, take in a land tour, or relax to a favorite book.

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