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Pricing (All prices are per person per day. Transportation, food, and lodging are NOT included. Air not included.)

Blue Grotto’s Price: $45.00 (without tax)

The Dive Shop’s Price: $38.00 (including tax)

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Discover the rich beauty and thrilling experience of diving the largest clear-water cavern in Florida! Located in the heart of Florida’s spring country, you will be able to dive to 100' and stay in 72-degree water year round. Only open water diving certification is necessary!

Picnic tables, a bathhouse with hot showers, and the safest cavern dive in the area make Blue Grotto a wonderful trip for the entire family. Bring the whole crew and enjoy a BBQ during your surface interval at one of the picnic pavilions. Blue Grotto offers a fully-equipped dive shop and a day of exciting fun for all certified divers.

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